January 7th, 2006
Snow pack conditions
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Berry Creek, Schell Creek Range
This appears to be a slide deposition area
covered with wind blown snow.
The slope a west-northwest facing aspect.
Note how much further a slide could run
below the main deposition zone.  The smaller
size of this slide is not surprising considering
the shallow snow pack that exists at present.
This slide in the South Fork of Berry Creek on a
north facing exposure appears to have been a
much larger event.  
With the strong prevailing south-west winds during
the last big snow fall it's safe to assume that this
lee slope was heavily wind loaded.  In addition to
this the storm came in very warm with the
accompanying heavy wet snow.  This snow on top
of the previous shallow weak layers created a
natural slide cycle.  
It's quite likely that slopes similar to this one
throughout the range had slides occur during this
cycle.  The ones that have not slid but share
similarities to this slope should be watched closely
during and after future snow falls as the layers
that led to this slide probably still exist and added
stress is likely to result in a slide.  
Jill skiing the 'Berry' aspen glades.  Looks
to be some good skiing to be had despite
the slow start to the winter.
                   Photos and 'Recon'
by Dan Morris, Joshua Simpson and 'Idaho' Jill