Snow pack conditions
February 11, 2006
Girl Scout Gulch, Timber Creek, Schell Creeks
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Snow pack findings -
We dug a pit at about 10,600 ft. NNW aspect, at a rollover 30degrees rolling over to 35.
Depth was about 100 cm. Top 20cm -fluffy powder next 40 cm - increasingly dense 4 finger -
hard to see any distinct layers Then 1-2 cm weaker layer (December facets??) Then 20-25
cm dense 4 finger, but less dense than the second 40cm Then 15 cm or so of depth hoar on

Shovel Compression test -
Top powder layer crumbled (not a distinct slab) after 10 wrist taps and 3 smacks from the
elbow. The entire column failed after 10 wrist,10 elbows, and 2 hard smack from the
shoulder. I chucked this 80 pound chunk down the hill, it just rolled all the way down.

Even though that was a pretty hard failure, the big slab was a little scary, so we decide to ski
a tree covered sub ridge (30-34 degrees) rather than the steeper gully (36-39+ degrees).
We went 1 at time to big rock that seemed safe, then traversed 1 at a time across a 35
degree + gully into 30 degree trees which we took down to the bottom. We hooked into the
NE facing aspens and did two enjoyable laps.
I would still be very cautious of 35 degree+ Northerly slopes, and remember margin of error
can be 5 degrees even with a clinometer, so 30 degrees is the safe bet. Though the snow
pack is stabilizing with warmer weather, it is a slow process on cool northerly slopes. warm
days can cause wet slides too on sunny slopes so be careful. any significant snow (hopefully
next week) will put us again into a sketch snow pack as the powder we enjoyed today could
become a weak layer as snow accumulates on top.
                                                    Report by Dan Morris