Berry Creek, Schell Creek Range
Snowpack Report Feb. 18, 2006
Here's the snow pack notes from the
Wilderness folks weekend excursion into Berry
Creek.  Though it's been a couple of weeks the
information still has relevance as the history of
the snow pack is extremely important.  Photos
and ski report to follow.
Thank you for the info Mike.

N - NE aspect, approx. 9950' elevation, 45
degree slope angle (+/- 5 degrees of accuracy)
snow depth - 145 cm
three "distinct" layers, all fist or fist-minus
- top 25cm to 30cm - new storm snow
- 5 cm - melt-freeze crust (new snow actually
bonded to this fairly well)
- middle - 75 cm transitional facets (1mm to 2.5
mm grain size)
- bottom 35 to 40 cm - advanced depth hoar
(well-developed cupped grains up to 3mm)
Compression test results: various easy failures
within 25 cm of new storm snow at density
breaks, followed by
CTM 16, Q2 minus on buried melt-freeze crust
Also did a Reuschtblock, with these results:
RB6, Q3 at melt-freeze crust (slope angle on
the RB was approx. 38 degrees)

Recorder: Mike Colpo