Timber Creek Avalanche                                            page 4
Here are a couple of pictures taken by Carson Baughman.  In the above picture I'm looking at debris
from the large tree that was toppled.  The starting crown is above me on the left hand side of this photo.
Here I'm examining the crown just to the north of the big tree that was taken out.
According to the skier who triggered this slide these fractures to the north of the main slide route were
releasing when he tried to ski out of the main slide route.  Every where his skis touched releases to the
ground were happening.  This part of the slide was about 30 to 40 yards below the starting zone.
  This photo shows the skiers track entering the starting zone.  One can see it in the snow just to the right
above my hat and to the left of my pack.  
  Note the fracture to the right and also the rocks showing below my pole handles.
  The snow was much more shallow in the starting zone than it was at the edges of the slide in the previous