Dog Leg Tour,   Schell Creek Range
March 20th, 2005
      Have had quite a few big days lately seeking out new descents to go with new skis. It's very fun living and
skiing here as most of the new descents we do are first descents. From what I can gather this was another one
Here's a few photos from a good day.

      To start with Liz and I finally skied the Dog Leg of Snake Canyon that we've eyeballed for years. Hard to
believe it took this long to get to skiing this one. It's 2,200 feet long of mostly 25 to 30 degrees in pitch with the
top section being steeper.
Conditions were variable, from hard pack to wind buff soft snow. It was great fun all the same.

A nice mellow tour up.

      Traveling the ridge before us was a mountain lion, never saw the critter and the tracks were older.

      The view down the intended descent.

      Some pictures from along the way.

      Had to bask in the sun for a bit at the bottom.

      The skin up and out was fun and at times interesting as we hadn't got wall to wall skins for our new skis yet.
(this climb had us ordering some that night)

      The last section demanded that we boot up and over the small cornice in order to 'shortcut' our route back.

      The exit off the mountain was another good descent of 2,500 feet but the shadows overtook the day and
we had skied that route many times so on this day we just skied it taking no photos.
The pictures probably don't reflect what a fun March day it was but we had to try to capture it.

Here's a little video clip of me turning the new Voile Insanes down Dog Leg.