January Corn Snow
    I've had to get used to skiing without Lee since he broke his leg
earlier in the season. It's been a change back to the days before he
moved here. Good solo days are still good days even if the only one
who shares the moment with you only wags their tail after a good line.
    On a beautiful January Saturday I decided to take advantage of the
warm weather and ski some corn fields on North Schell Peak. Sure
there's not the base there that there is on other slopes but the rocks
are either well buried under the surface or readily apparent.
    This gully off North Schell always provides some good fun on a
sunny corn day even if it is in the middle of winter. It's a good 1,000
feet of 30 to 35 degree slope for turns on the top half and another
1,000 feet of 20 to 25 degree slope on the lower half.
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Despite the 'bare' look
there is plenty of snow to
have some good fun on.
This is cougar country
and it would seem that a
brave coyote dug up an
old lion kill and dragged
it out onto the lower
portion of this slope.
From a distance I thought
I was skiing towards
some strange dirty snow
The weak of stomach may
not want to click on this
picture for the larger