Looking at this photo reminds
me of the hundreds of days that
Olaf and I have spent together
on snowy mountains enjoying
life.  Playing in the snow still
makes both of us smile.
This much deserved scenic
summit rest came after a long
climb up to Camel Peak.
We had toured up one of the
canyon trails heading north off
the Cave Lake Road.
The descent off the east side of
the peak was as good as one
could hope for.  That is, if knee
deep powder is what you hope
for when you spend hours skiing
up a mountain.
Long ski tours like this aren't as
common for Olaf anymore but
he still sees some peaks up
close every winter.
Liz has enjoyed many a powder
day in the Schell Creek Aspens.  
This picture represents a par for
the course powder day during the
winter of 2004/2005.
It was the best snow winter we had
experienced in our 6 years here.

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December 8, 2005
Photographic Memories