Schell Creek Summer Ski
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Summer was in full force in the valleys by July 2005 but there was some
winter left in the Schell Creeks.
Dan Morris and I hiked into a place I had been eyeing for years.  Dan was
the right guy to go get these lines with.  The steep skiing made him as
happy as two feet of powder would and after one run down, there was no
question we had to climb back up to get the other line of this Y.
Nothing like a great summer Schell Creek ski day
Looking down line one, which we should probably call 'Dogs Dilema' as neither one
wanted to take this line down the mountain. They opted for a less steep route which
provided some dog sledding action, 'glissading' that is.

dropping in

A stitched photo of the top of 'Dogs Dilema'

dropping out

Line two will be named 'Dogs Delight'

Summer Tele: better than waterskiing

Some roots were touched with this aspen bark proclamation of existence
that we spotted on the way out.