Dan suggested a slope in the Timber Creek drainage that we had
discussed in previous conversations.  Seemed like a good plan to me
especially since the skin up started right from where we usually park at the
Horse Camp versus the traditional Nevada approaches of a mile or more
that we are so accustomed to.  
On this note I should mention that it has been very nice over the last year or
so to have a few more people around Ely to discuss ski tour ideas with.  
Really helps to break out of the rut of skiing the same things over and over.  
It takes me back to when we first lived here and I was trying something new
virtually every day I went out.
I had skied the slope we had our eye on a couple times in the past but it had
been at least 2 winters, maybe more,  since I had set a ski on it.  After the
awesome day we had skiing up there I have to wonder why I haven't gone up
there more often.
From the very start of our tour we were on good soft snow and our  
confidence was building, as we skinned upward, that the mostly western
facing slope we were intending to ski was going to be good.
Within an hour and 45 minute we were at the top of the slope at just over
10,000 feet.  

The last weekend of February
As we skirted over to the south
side of the ridge we discovered
sun baked rocks and some
wintertime  cactus.
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