Ski Report:  Timber Creek Snowrangers                                  page 4
Pictures of JW skiing
It's rare that there are pictures of me skiing but getting some days in skiing with Dan has led to a few more.  
I guess I better start working on my form for the camera.  With the snow being sweet powder on the ridge
run out I found myself catching some air from time to time.  I'll have to work on that form as well if Dan
continues to catch me in action.
The main aspen slope we skied provided
some awesome skiing
A small jump turn landed me in the back seat
but still skiing the sweet snow.
Dan did a good job capturing the moment here.  
This small jump between trees led into a slightly
bigger one immediately.  Luckily my poor hand
position was something I recovered from.  
The snow on the last pitch off the ridge to the
vehicle was good but a little grabby.  
More photos by Dan Morris
I made tele-turns the whole way down the
slope but the snow almost took me off my
skis a couple of times.
Our tracks on the final pitch off the
ridge to the vehicle.