A look at the first line.
View of the second line.

Bristlecone Cliffs
Bristlecone on
the 2nd run.
Ski & Snow Report     February 26, 2006
Girl Scout Chutes,
Timber Creek, Schell Creeks

Snowpack seemed stable, but pretty soft. In
pit (due North, 35-37 degrees) was able to
push fist or 4 fingers into all layers,
The snowpack seemed to get progressively
stronger with depth except a noticable week
layer about 3 feet down. I could not get it to
perform with shovel compression test,
despite bruising my palm smacking the %$#^
out of my shovel.
Newest 6 inches did perform on 10 wrist, 3
elbow smacks. And next 6 inches on 10,9
elbow. Both were not consolidated very well,
ie not slabby. So I felt O.K. skiing some pretty
steep lines (any criticism encouraged).

I saw signs of lots of slide activity with a few
inches of snow on top. Probably happened
during last storm. Nothing in the due north
chutes, could see a vague crownin more NW
facing ones and a number of sloughs into the
gulleys with steep sides, all aspects.

First run I skied down a ways skiers right(east)
of the chutes as I usually do and then dropped
into the rightest actual chute, see good snow
pic. Then traversed left skiing the bottom of
slide paths coming off the cliffs.

2nd run dropped into the next chute to the
left(west), right under the biggest face of the
cliff, and then traversed left to find another
nice chute with huge brislecones in it. All
were right around 35 degrees +/-.

Looks like heavy snow may come next week
so this sort of stable snowpack will become
unstable during and a few days after storm.
Be vigilant if you go out next weekend.
Another good reminder as we near spring.
Warm weather can make the top of the
snowpack heavier as it melts and increases
water content. This can make the snowpack I
saw today very different over the course of a
warm day.
If the top foot is more consolidated and heavy
from warming, weaker deep layers will
perform( give way) more easily.

photos and report by Dan Morris
Snow profile/ view of
the snow pack
A look at the lines to be
skied from the up-trail.
Red line is 1st run,
blue is 2nd.
click on pictures for
larger versions.