Ski Day Report     February 25, 2006
Dog Leg, Snake Canyon, Schell Creeks
Looking up at Dog Leg from
Snake Canyon.  Up route taken
was tree lined ridge on the
Looking south from ridge
above Dog Leg.  (jw note: The
tree filled bowl just to the
south holds powder a long
time.  A worthy powder hound
up snake creek to Dog leg chute. We had
to park at 7200 feet, so had a long
climb 3700 feet and 3,25 miles. No first
Descent as John, Liz and Moriah
got it last year. Probably first snowboard
descent and AT descent (not sure
you get any glory for that Sue) though.
Nice light powder in the shade,
getting a little soupy in the sun. Snowpit
showed a moderate 10 wrist 3
elbow smacks failure for about 6 inches
relatively new snow, 10,10, and 3
from shoulder got the whole snowpack to
go down to depth hour. ReutschBlock
4. moderate, got a 12 inch slab to break
off. With the moderate failures we
decided one at a time on top part.
stopping in a safeish place. Julie and
Sue skied the trees on skiers left, and
judging from wooping and hollering
it was good.

report and photos by:  Daniel H. Morris
click on pictures for
larger versions
Once again Cat tracks are spotted in Dog Leg.  Should
have named it Cat Leg I guess.
Pete pulls a spinni off the Dog Leg cornice.
Pete riding it out.
Kalem pulls a move off the cornice.  Notice Lucy the
brave (but over exuberant at times) snow dog below
the cornice.
Kalem rides it out and attempts to gain more air with
his snowboarder wings.
Joshua raises Havoc (Black Diamond Havoc, that is)
with some nice powder turns.
Thanks for the report Dan and thanks for getting up there
and living vicariously for us bound to the valley this weekend.
 Snow sliders: Julie Thompson, Sue Kennedy, Dan Morris,
Joshua Simpson, Pete Dronkes, Kalem Lenard and of
course Lucy the Powder Hound.