Telemark Turner Over Ely
skier: Lee Turner   photo: John Watt
Mountains: Duck Creeks
This site is a work in progress, which is true of most things in this
world. Still, we have to start somewhere and since sliding on snow is one of our favorite
things to do we will start with ski photos, trip reports, and videos  
As you will see, we share our lives with our dogs so there will be many dog photos
accompanying our views of White Pine County and beyond.
Latest Update: 04/09/06 -St. Patty's Sunday- another video
Schell Creek photos from Pete D.s
The Ely Empty Keg Tour
Girl Scout Chutes: A Dan Morris Trip Report
Duck Creek Minutes: a short video
Another Dog Leg tour, 02-25-06
Check the video page for a new addition from
the vault and a couple of updates to the page.
President Weekend in the Schell Creeks
Schell Creek Summer Memory
Snow pack & Ski Report
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